Evan Aristol Lature is a campus minister from Indonesia. He exudes friendship and positive energy. He enjoys reading, writing, movies, music, and food (siomay –Indonesian dumpling- is his favorite). He is passionate about the global church, different cultures, and people. To him, they can be vehicles to witness God’s works in every place around the world.

A bit of his cultural background that might help readers understand what he tries to share every week through this blog. Born to a Christian family in the most Moslem-populated country in the world, he grew up learning to be adaptable, sensitive, and empathic. He loves listening to people’s stories and puts them in Kingdom’s perspectives. With his guitar, he had composed songs on and off since he was in high school. If you ask him to play one of his songs, you would likely find him smile sheepishly.

Currently residing in Wheaton after finishing his M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College, he is an undergrad minister for an internationally based house church. All the posts in this blog will come from his work in the church. He plans on going home next year.  Summer sunburn makes him long for home.

Yeah, he’s in between. He likes being in between.