Man on the Roof

There is a man who loved sitting on the roof before the dusk. From there, he saw life from the height; conversing with the sun and getting amused with the wind. Life felt beautiful and time frozen as if the world were minimized in a palm-sized crystal glass. In these reflection times, the man realizes that he is rich because life is not poor to those who own a bountiful spirit.

He knew this girl straight after he graduated from college. Well actually, he bumped into her a year before. The girl had a deep impression from the encounter, but the man did not because he was too busy looking beyond the present time. A year later, they met again. The man subtly remembered the girl. But this time was different. Her presence exuded an indescribable feeling that made him keep coming back to the girl. They wandered toward town, ate ice cream on the shady boulevard, and cruised the night under the star lights. But the young man broke her heart when he said all what he wanted was a simple friendship. After that, everything was no longer the same. No more spontaneous plans, no more poems to write for the girl; they separated from each other.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. The young man learned that the girl was dating someone else. His heart was pinched. He knew it was a sign of jealousy. But it’s too late now. It was his fault; he had ditched the gem. He tried to reach out to the girl only to find out that she was ready to marry the guy she had been dating. His heart broke into pieces. He raced to the roof, seeking a piece of solace as he gazed at the setting sun. He whispered, ”My heart is broken, Lord. But, even though it’s hard, I choose to be happy for her.” As he embraced the pain of a broken heart, he started to see the world in a palm-sized crystal glass.

No one knows what the future holds. Several years later, the man found himself sitting at dinner with the girl whom he released gracefully. They exchanged stories as longtime friends. He knew beforehand that she didn’t get married. “It must be a difficult time for her”, he thought.  As they shared with one another what had happened in their lives, the man gradually could see the beauty of her heart springing out of her deep love for God. That night he saw the girl from his past had transformed into a very beautiful lady. His eyes sparkled. He didn’t want to miss a second chance.

In a song he wrote on the roof for the girl, the man sings, ”I’ve trodden a long journey, are you a home for me?”


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