Brokenness That Connects Us

The world is obsessed with domination over others. Check out relationships among nations or world sport events such as the Olympic. All narratives are saturated by obsessions of domination. I might sound naïve to those who take it for granted. But I’d rather be like that. Unfortunately, this domination has been going on as well in the church. Classically, the church would make an excuse by saying it represents God’s glory over the world.  But let’s face it, Christendom itself has been embedded in the idea of conquering and sadly enmeshed by white ethnocentrism.

When talking about domination, humility is absent right away. Therefore, Christianity brought by rich nations sometimes presents the victory and privilege while the empathic and gentleness side of gospel are overshadowed. Though interestingly Christianity is waning in the post-modern westernization, the majority world today that obviously has more Christian people than in western world, seems not to be freed from the dominant nature of western Christianity.

In our world today, where Christian majority and Christian minority are aware of one anothers’ presence, interdependence is needed to live as one church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our different contexts geographically, culturally, economically, socially should see the same vision of God’s sovereignty in all. Our interdependence could lead us to learn from one another, the body ministering to the whole body, without getting trapped in a web of lies of thinking superior or inferior. Each completes one another. With interdependence, we practice a sense of belonging in the global church. What we could not see will be completed by other cultures and what we see is purified by other perspectives. Humility is to practice and vulnerability is not to shoo away. These two qualities connect our humanity with people all around the world. As we do this together, we gain a fuller and holistic perspective in understanding the depth, breadth, width, and length of God’s love.

As Christians, we believe that what unites us with other people from every corner of the world is our status as fallen creatures who need the salvation work in Christ. This is the basic tenet of humanity in Christianity.  As the world is getting more enmity with the superiority claims of truth, this is the right time to display the beauty of the gospel which is gentle and liberating. To present Christianity as a source of the beauty out of brokenness is the agreeable language that most people from any culture can feel close to. It has gentleness and humbleness as our Savior did when He invited those who are weary and burdened (Matthew 11:28-29). We should carve in our heart that whatever our cultural and social backgrounds are, each of us are the weary and burdened. Therefore, our weaknesses and helplessness are valuable things to connect us with others.

After all, our victorious faith should humble us to embrace that the glory is not ours, but His. We are serving the Truth who has freed us.


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